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Friday, August 8, 2014

Just Another Day

Just Another Day is a story set 30 some years after "Departing a Day at Gridline Games" and "A Final Day at Gridline Games," and it is meant to inspire, not to offend. It is, after all, a work of fiction. As usual, you may find a few truths along the way!

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. But shrouded within every story is a secret. There is no beginning, and there is no end. For something had always set the stage for the play to follow, and for when the final curtain had fallen, another play was set to begin; with the same players dressed for different parts. Throughout the untold ages, beings have fought, died and killed for the things they believed in. Sparked by their innate passions. Passion in and of itself is glorious. For without it, beings would never find their true calling. Their reason for being in the first place. In that passion, they have the potential to find love. The force for which none is greater. With love comes compassion and understanding. With these things comes oneness with all that was, is or ever will be. In essence, passion is an uncontrollable emotion. That which can also drive beings away from love; and drive them instead toward hate. The force which only serves to blind and confuse. If love opens a door, hate closes a door. Passion is therefore an eternal struggle; with the same players dressed for different parts. Every story has a middle.

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Table of Contents
- Chapter 1: Jūbun ni Chikai (Close Enough)
-- 1-1: Ohayō (Good Morning)
-- 1-2: Hāmonī (Harmony)
-- 1-3: Paradaisu Chūdan (Paradise Interrupted)
-- 1-4: Masutā Sairentowan (Silent Master)
- Chapter 2: Māku (Mark)
-- 2-1: Janpu Man (Jump Man)
-- 2-2: Māku Futatsu (Mark 2)
-- 2-3: Burūpiru (Blue Pill)
-- 2-4: Pater Ex Machina (Father from the Machine)
- Chapter 3: Los Angeles (The Angels)
-- 3-1: Every Rose Has Its Thorn
-- 3-2: Just Like Every Night Has Its Dawn
- Chapter 0: In A Gadda Da Vida (In The Garden of Eden?)
-- 0-1: Et Dic-Fabula Cor (The Tell-Tale Heart)
-- 0-2: Magicae Regnum (Magic Kingdom)
-- 0-3: Gaudeamus Igitur (Happy Birthday)
-- 0-0: Cat's in Cunis (Cat's in the Cradle)
-- 0-4: XXIII Palmarum (23 Palms)
- Chapter 1 Redux: Shi no Mae ni Raifu (Life Before Death)
-- 1-1: Aratana Hajimari (New Beginning)
-- 1-2: Trans Situado (Trans Located)
-- 4-1: Sūpāmarioburazāzu (Super Mario Bros.)
-- 4-2: Subarashikihibi (The Wonder Years)
-- 8-1: Naitomeā· Bifoa· Kurisumasu (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
-- 8-2: Hamuretto (Hamlet)
-- 8-3: U~ōkinguribingu (The Walking Living)
-- 8-4: Anata no Hime no Shiro de (In Your Princess' Castle)
-- Staff Credits

As Just Another Day begins, my heart goes out to you;
Flowers will bloom, for you who are here or yet to be born;
Until there is no missing sorrow and no reason left to mourn;
You will live and remember and love us forever more...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Game Over Day at Gridline Games

In all my years of writing, no story has been more difficult to explain than the A Day at Gridline Games stories. In essence, they are satirical takes on office life, often based on real life experiences encountered during Space Ruckus: The Great Invasion's development. A game project of mine that was perhaps troubled from the very start, with too much ambition and not enough resources to actually make it happen. Working with and keeping together the team necessary to produce Space Ruckus was often a nightmare scenario. In one notorious case, a musician left the project in a fit of rage simply because I had recruited another composer to help with the soundtrack. In hindsight, I may have tampered with the sacred musician's code! In another particularly troubling case, a modeler began posting his Space Ruckus models on a public forum for all to see. This may not have been quite so bad had he let us know in advance, but he was soliciting feedback on a very important asset from a group entirely unrelated to the project. Ay, there were times when I just wanted to say, "SPACE RUCKUS IS CANCELLED!" Then, drop everything and dash off to Disneyland. Or any old place, really.

Highway to...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from Space Ruckus and The Grig Post! May your holidays be bright and merry, and may all your heart's desires be met.

Space Ruckus' developers have moved on to other things over the years, but I am almost certain that they are together in spirit for the holidays. Be on the lookout for Micheal Cross' A Night at Camp Ravenwood in 2014: http://www.ravenwood-game.co.uk. Everyone else at camp will definitely be on the lookout! Micheal was and is the greatest concept artist in which Space Ruckus ever had, and his new game is sure to be a hit. If you happen to be in the mood for some awesome game and film music, also be certain to check out Aubrey Young's music site: http://aubreygyoungmusic.com. Aubrey once composed a few tracks for Space Ruckus, and they are still the very best in the project's collection. And for those that missed it, the Space Ruckus site received a face lift this year, but it had less to do with Space Ruckus itself and more to do with building a slightly better template for use in other places: http://www.spaceruckus.com. All things considered, it is still a prettier vault for all that old content!

As for Space Ruckus' very own Bill Grig, he looks on from Ralin V with a smile on his face. Peace has come to his and the Velorian people. All that war effort was really just a drain on both economies. Working together has accomplished so much more for both races. They have nearly wiped out all diseases! It would seem that the Velorians still do not care much for the Ralin V fleet's silly helmet design, though. You cannot win them all!

Peace to everyone this holiday season, and a very happy new year!

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