Warp Drive

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Conrad the Healer


I reckon you've heard of the name Conrad Sheldon; else you wouldn't be here. Everyone in Hicksville knows his name. He was born with a rare learning disorder. All throughout his days, he was licked in every task by no fault of his own. He struggled as he might to spell, but he served his purpose well.

You see, Conrad Sheldon had a heart of pure gold. Most folks, well, they never back down from a fight. Conrad was different. Conrad would face a fight with a kind of innocence about him. Some of them folks wrote it off as mere ignorance. Conrad just sought to share in his love of life. He knew nothing of resentment. Hicksville is a better place having known him.

If you should permit me the time, I'll tell you more about Conrad Sheldon.

What was that? The next bus out of Hicksville aint for another three hours yet. Sure, we have plenty of time. Allow me to start from the beginning...


Part 1: Reintroduction

Conrad Sheldon was born to Roy and Petunia Sheldon of Sunnybrook Lane. Roy, the only son of a Jewish household, and Petunia, a devout Catholic. They weren't always in agreement with one another, but they knew in their hearts that which was best for their children.

Their daughter, Vespa, was born a few years after Conrad, and by that point, Roy had taken a job as a high school math teacher. He grew ever more curious with computers. They were but a strange contraption to most folks at the time, but he desired to understand them more fully.

Roy eventually mastered a multitude of programming languages. A skill that would prove most useful to Conrad in his own quest to understand the world around him. With the help of his father, Conrad might even live out the fantasy of a king.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life is Strange

Life is strange. One moment, we are in the age of innocence, caught up in high school drama. The next, we are on our own, bearing witness to the harsh realities of life. Death is an ever more frequent occurrence. Most of us would give anything to just go back to a simpler time. Would we make the same choices or risk changing everything? What tragedies could have been prevented, what friendships saved. Not every choice is black and white, however. Many of them are morally debatable. Life is Strange is filled with such choices. Choices that will test your sense of judgement. It seems easy enough in Episode 1 when everything is just high school drama, but just wait until the later episodes. Life is Strange will grab you by the "lady balls" and not let go. In the end, you will be faced with one of the toughest choices in video game history. Neither choice results in a perfect outcome. One look at the community page reveals a very divided fan base. Everyone is quick to defend their choices. As I was saying before, not every choice is black and white. If life's choices were so easily spelled out, we might never learn anything. Everything is, ultimately, open to perspective. Speaking for myself, I always learned more from personal experience than I did from instruction. Will any of these lessons matter when we are dead? Who can say. That is for each and every one of us to decide for ourselves. Death is strange, but this review is about Life is Strange. Choices aside, the characters are legitimately interesting. If your heart is in the right place, you will begin to feel for most of them. Something that I found lacking in many cinematic adventures from Telltale Games. The animation, music and voice acting are also top notch. Life is Strange is a sweet, if not bitter symphony. And that is about all that I have to say, really. Lest I fill this review with spoilers, or worse, turn this into a philosophical conundrum. I trust that you will make the right choices, whatever they may be.