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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gridline Games Tycoon

This fall, the game worlds of Gridline Games leap from the computer screen to the amusement park scene. Well, not really. Although, I am designing a park with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 entitled Gridline Studios. Here are a few screenshots of the work in progress.

Overview of the Park:

Ticket Booth:

Plaza (with Hicksville visible in the distance):

Swashblood Isle (with Ralin V visible in the distance):

Original Concept (Goal Soft Studios):

I relocated the sign to the entrance of the park, and tried my best to improve it. Here is a picture of that and the new parking lot.

Gridline Studios Sign 2.0:

Parking Lot (overview):

Here is a preview of the new plaza (nearly finished).



Here is an update on the Swashblood Isle themed area. The volcano is complete, the waterfalls have been installed and the monorail now travels through the volcano, rather than behind it. Tunneling and waterfalls are both exclusive to the Soaked! expansion pack.

Swashblood Isle Volcano (sans lava):

With SR development now in high gear, I won't have much time to work on the park, so this will be my last update for awhile. Here is a picture of the new fountain, with SR coaster construction visible in the distance.

Central Hub Fountain:

Here is an update on the SR attraction. I finished the track design, which as you can see from the below photo, is a dueling coaster. An underground warp tunnel connects the two show room buildings. In the second photo, you can see a glimpse of the G-Flyer, which is preparing to enter warp. You may need to increase your monitor brightness. What you cannot see in these photos is the audio track that I used during the ride. Our newest music composer, Aubrey G. Young, recently composed a test track for the SR project, and I have used it here.

Overview (with transparency):

On-Ride Photo:

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