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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where No Tourist Has Gone Before

Left: Mike (Spock), Right: Allen (Scotty)

I met up with Allen at Disneyland for his 21st birthday on Saturday (May 16th). We took in some rides, and had a look around the shops, too. While there, we bought two ride photos. The one seen above being from Space Mountain, of course, and the other from Splash Mountain. I don't have a copy of the latter, but Allen should be scanning it soon.

The Space Mountain photo is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever. When I looked behind us as we entered the lift hill (technically, a warp tunnel), I was quite shocked. Allen asked for a photo seat, and they put us in the front row. There was not another soul in our car. Misunderstanding or not, Disney made $36.95 on it ($18 from me, $18.95 from Allen). Now, if only the rest of the Space Ruckus team were present for this. It would have been an even more awesome photo. When we finish the game, that would be a great idea, though. If I have enough money by then, I could possibly pay for everyone's air fare.

The worst part of the day was a two hour wait for Splash Mountain, but the 90 degree drop and photo were well worth it. In total, we rode eight rides (counting duplicates). Although, I actually rode nine. Allen was running a bit late, so I rode Pirates of the Caribbean while I waited for him to arrive. It seemed to pass the time nicely. Sometime in the evening, we went into the Enchanted Tiki Room. As Allen put it, it was "totally bat-shit insane." There were talking birds and flowers, chanting totem poles, colorful fountains, and vengeful gods. I have to wonder what sort of drugs Walt Disney was smoking.

Also, I found a pretty nice cap.

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