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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From the Graveyard: From the Graveyard

Did I just blow your mind? It is a blog about a blog.

Last month, I once again attended Comic-Con, and following that, wrote a blog about my adventures in San Diego for the second year in a row. It was called Tales of Comic-Con. A short time later, I started thinking about E For All Expo 2007, and the fact that I had never written a proper blog about it. Call me obsessive compulsive, but I wanted to have a blog about every convention that I had previously attended. If I posted a blog about E For All Expo 2007 without explanation, I knew that someone would inevitably say, "It is about damn time that you wrote about this." So, I came up with a harebrained idea. A blog about the dead.

From the Graveyard - A blog about the dead.

In the process, I became a bit sidetracked, and instead of writing about E For All Expo 2007, wrote a quaint little piece called The Adventures of Kat McClone. It was about a computer game that I never finished, and for good reason. However, I wanted to do something with the material, but was not about to release the game in its entirety. You see, my cat played the part of Kat McClone, and he passed away a few months ago. So, I was feeling sentimental about everything that I could find baring his likeness. Writing about Kat McClone's adventures did have one upside, though. Micheal Cross liked the idea enough to begin his own project, but I cannot say very much about that right now.

Space Feline - The Quest to Do Things Not Right...

Finally, a week later, I wrote a blog about E For All Expo 2007 in the form of Worst Side Story. I almost wrote The E! False Hollywood Story that week, but decided that Worst Side Story should come first. There were a few interesting stories to tell, but overall, it was a bigger disappointment than Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. In short, E For All Expo 2007 can be summed up into two words: It sucked.

E For All Expo 2007 - The worst convention ever.

With Worst Side Story out of the way, I was free to write The E! False Hollywood Story. It followed the life, death, resurrection, and subsequent re-death of Conrad Sheldon. Given the nature of his origin, this seems to be a very touchy subject for some people, but I felt like writing about it, so sue me! Despite what anyone else may say, I still feel that it is, thus far, the best blog in my From the Graveyard series.

The Big Con - He just wanted to go home, but they wouldn't let him...

In closing, as evidenced by my original idea for E For All Expo 2007, I never intended for this to be a permanent blog series, but as I began writing, became hooked on the concept of digging up graves (so to speak). So, when someone says something to the effect of, "He is dead. Move on," they may be missing the point of the whole thing. Also, do not take this post as a sign that I am giving up on From the Graveyard. I still have a few more ideas. I just wanted to clear up a few things.

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