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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Final Day at Gridline Games

In 2007, I wrote a satirical take on office life at Gridline Games. I dubbed it "A Day at Gridline Games." It was panned by several of the then-developers, and for good reason. I had a less than favorable view on some of them. Still, it was a rare attempt to apply comedy to the nightmare situation that was Space Ruckus' game development, and I certainly had fun while writing it.

Dave, one of A Day at Gridline Games' leading characters.

Fast forward to 2013. Space Ruckus is but a distant memory, lost in the records of time. The developers have all moved onto other things. Some, it would seem, greater things than others. I have not spoken to many of them in what seems like years. Disappointingly, I even had a severe falling out with several of them. Mind you, it was unrelated to Space Ruckus. Some of the issues seem trivial now, but certain things were said and done on both ends. It too is but a distant memory.

With all that sad shit said, now seemed like the perfect time for another satirical take on office life at Gridline Games. I dubbed it "A Final Day at Gridline Games." The meaning of which will soon become quite clear. Hint: It may take place on Gridline Games' final business day. If you pay close attention to the little details, it may even blow your mind.

P.S. meelWORM has a very special and very real life announcement to make. Be on the lookout for that within the story. It is not what you think!

Be ready. Soon, your mind *may* be blown...

In closing: Question everything, but always keep an open mind. Live in peace with respect for others, no matter what they may or may not believe. Namaste, everyone!

NEW: Departing a Day at Gridline Games is meant to serve as a revealing prequel! Read this after A Final Day at Gridline Games! Happy Holidays!

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