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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Grig Saga (Work in Progress!)

The Grig Saga is a *work in progress* origin story and potential reboot to Space Ruckus. I, however, have no intention of developing this into a video game. It is merely a story; a work of fiction. Try not to take things too seriously.

Table of Contents
- Chapter 1: Worlds Divided
-- Act 1: Pride of the Galaxy
-- Act 2: Rogue Inquiry
-- Act 3: Basic Training
-- Act 4: Storm of Storms
-- Act 5: The Great Confrontation
-- Act 6: Goodbye Orthian Pie
-- Act 7: Heavens Above

Act 1: Pride of the Galaxy

Orth, fifth planet of the lonely Zeboran system. Home to a relatively peaceful race of bipeds, having only recently begun to harness the power of the universe for their enrichment and evolution. The proud Orthian race has established orbital bases in neighboring systems, and even colonized a few previously inhospitable planets. Their mission is one of exploration, growth and sustainability.

It is presently Orthdate 1012.441. A most important and exhilarating time in Orth's history. For an Orthian child has just been born that will one day stand in the balance between virtuous and villainous. His name is Billimous Zavior Grig. To Bess and Marpaun, his loving parents, he is simply Bill.

From the delivery ward of the Ormound Quasan Rejuvenation Center, in a bustling metropolis known as Pascenic District, the happy couple greet their newborn son. Bess says of him, "He has your eyes, orb pie!" Marpaun smiles with pride in his heart and says, "And he has your nose, Bessie!" Bess looks upon her handsome husband, turns ever so slightly and looks back toward her baby. With tears of joy, she says of him, "Maybe one day, he will even have your mustache!"

Bill's homecoming is just like any other, apart from the gourmet cake Bess baked several nights in advance. Her cooking is quickly becoming a hit within the community. "Look at him, Bess, I think he wants a slice of your latest masterpiece," excerpts Marpaun before cautiously amending, "Not for a while yet, little bud."

Bess carefully places Bill in the cradle his heartfelt father assembled in preparation for his arrival. She gazes into her child's eyes and says, "You stay safe now, my shooting star!" Bess turns to Marpaun and says, "You stay safe, too. I worry about you out there. The task force is fortunate to have you, but you know how some of those derelicts can be." Marpaun gives his wife a great big smile and says, "I do pride myself on my work, love. Our commander keeps telling us, we could bring about a stable district, eliminate delinquency and put more people to work in the colonies, all within a depoch." Bess conjures a straight face and says, "That's all fine and good. Just don't let it go to your head." Marpaun bows his head and says, "Well, we certainly have ambitious goals."

Orth is not without its flaws. Its people may have mastered space flight, but still they struggle. Their youth is experiencing an identity crisis. One which has led to the formation of a special task force to deal with hostile derelicts, or rogues, as the planetary Orth World Order government prefers to call them. A number of them have taken to street warfare. Their agendas vary from group to group, but most agree their civilization should never have colonized the heavens above. Sergeant Marpaun Grig is but one of many personnel tasked with upholding the laws of the people, and with it, maintaining peace in the galaxy.

As a young and very precious Bill lie asleep in his crib, he is none the wiser to the delicate world surrounding him. But his time will be at hand soon enough.

Act 2: Rogue Inquiry

A gathering of delegates spanning Orth's four continents and three extraterrestrial colonies is called to order in the Hall of Diplomacy on Orthdate 1013.72. "Our first act of business," states the speaker for the hall, "is the recent shortage of supplies to the Darcon XII and Ethorian colonies. Mining has become especially difficult in Ethorian Outposts Six and Seven. Thirteen personnel have thus far been injured in the line of duty." One of the Orthian delegates, Wes Creed, shouts, "We have enough problems here! Let them solve their own!" To which another Orthian delegate interjects, "We owe them our help! Our very future lies in those colonies! For soon enough, life will no longer be sustainable on Orth alone!" Wes points to the window and shouts, "Have you looked outside? Our people are on the brink of war! The rogue menace is spreading at an exponential rate!"

The Ethorian delegate takes the floor and states, "When has there not been conflict? When has there not been war? Our people have suffered since the awakening of Zendar at the altar of Zeb. But we must never forget; for though we ourselves are not without fault, we shall rise up against our adversaries." Wes shakes his head and shouts, "Enough of this already! Someone please sit him down!" Negotiations continue to fail until the speaker calls for an emergency recess.

"Talks broke down today in the Hall of Diplomacy when the state of Orth's colonies was addressed," excerpts an orbvision newscaster before the channel is abruptly changed by Bess Grig. With a discerning look on her face, she says, "Is there ever anything good on this thing?" Just then, her husband arrives home from work. "If I had an Orbuck for every fight I have broken up," says an exhausted Marpaun, "I might not be rich, but I could certainly afford better armor!" Bess greets him at the door, takes his jacket and the two share a heartfelt kiss. "You have to see this," says an ecstatic Bess before adding, "Come, follow me!" In the nursery, a curious young Bill is crawling about. "Good boy," hollers his proud father. Bess smiles and says, "That's not what I wanted you to see." She taps her knee and calls out to her son, "Come here, my shooting star!" Just like that, Bill rises to his feet and begins to walk toward his happy parents. With tears of joy, Marpaun comes to rest on the floor and says, "My Zeb, he's walking! He's walking! Forget what I said about my day. You just made it so much brighter, Billy!"

A red light begins to flash on the Grig's holophone, followed promptly by the sound of a muffled air horn. On the other end, one of Marpaun's superior officers with dire news to share with his team. "This is an all-points bulletin from Captain Zillmoore," shouts the officer as he peers over the shocking report on his desk, "I regret to inform you that our commander, Jet Commer, has been taken hostage by a group of derelicts at the Pascenic Power Center! They have threatened to terminate him, and destroy the power grid, if their demands are not met within the night!" Captain Zillmoore pauses for a brief moment to catch his breath, and finishes his address with the firm command, "We need all available personnel in uniform at once!" Marpaun looks his wife in the eyes and says, "I have to go now, Bessie. Keep our shooting star safe." Bess, greatly concerned for Marpaun's safety, says with passion, "You do what you have to do, but you come home! You hear me?" Marpaun gives Bess a tender kiss on the forehead, grabs his gear from the doorway and says with a deadpan expression, "What time is dinner?"


Notes Section

A possible story involving Bill in grade school (based on a true story of mine): During his return to class from a gathering in the event hall, Bill drops the center piece of a class project he offered to carry, and it scatters outward into the field. Possessing the heart only that of a child could have, he quickly races to retrieve every shattered piece of the project before the wind carries it away. But it appears to be a losing battle. He cannot hold onto everything. As he enters the field, he is taken by surprise as several rogue students hop down from their place of hiding atop the hovering play structure, and proceed to punch and kick him until he falls to the ground. Bill, very much in pain, is unable to fight back, and soon begins to see stars before him. He curls desperately into a ball to prevent further injury. Eventually, the students grow tired of their ruthless attack and disperse. Some time then passes. Bill replays the event in his head as he musters the strength to stand once more. He is very much confused and even deeply hurt - both physically and emotionally - by the culprits, but resolves not to hate them for their actions. He merely wishes to return to class as soon as possible.

My last attempt at revising the Space Ruckus story came in May of 2009, and looking back at it now, I feel it and in a larger sense, the game, were lacking real emotion. I am re-exploring it for the first time in six years out of curiosity for what I can make of the universe. http://www.spaceruckus.com/storyboard.html

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