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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Comic-Con 2007 - Part 1

By Allen Barrett

So I decided to attend Comic-Con this week. I left it too late and missed out on Saturday, but I managed to get tickets for Friday. There'd be a lot more pictures here but for some reason, they've disappeared from my memory card. I was pissed. Anyway.

The train ride to the convention centre was fairly quiet until we got to the penultimate stop. 1500 people suddenly decided that they didn't want to walk the whole 4 blocks to the convention centre and decided to clusterfuck onto the train. One hot, sticky, air-deprived stop later we got there, where I saw people try to cross the road in groups of about 50 at a time. It was incredible. But at least I got there.

The queue to get in took about 20 minutes to get through. There was minimal order to the chaos and the worst part of it all was the fact that the entrance was all the way at the end of the con centre then you had to climb up stairs and go through a mind-numbingly painful experience to finally get in. I couldn't find the way down to the main hall because of poor signing.

That morning, I had bought a 4-pack of Red Bull for Ryan Sohmer of Blind Ferret Entertainment, and it was making a hole in my backpack. So I figured I'd stop by their booth and say Hi. The guys at the BFE booth were so friendly and eager to answer questions. Sohmer was especially delighted by my gift of Taurine, and I had my picture taken with him.

I also picked up some comic books (Bra-Man, LFG vol.1 and 2) and a t-shirt. Sohmer had walked off to talk to someone so the artist, Lar deSouza, forged his signature. Oh how we all laughed when Ryan Sohmer returned in his Red-Bull addled state and thought he had already signed it, followed by his plea to "Don't judge me!" So now I have Lar and Sohmer's signature on my comics including a fake Sohmer autograph. I also saw the preview of the Looking for Group animated series (or movie). It was pretty awesome. It has Richard the Warlock singing a parody of Ariel's song from the Little Mermaid while decapitating villagers.

Least I Could Do: http://www.licd.com
Looking For Group: http://www.lfgcomic.com

Next, what ho, to the Maddox booth! I've been a fan of Maddox since the now infamous "I Am Better Than Your Kids" article on his site, which has now been posted around in countless chain emails. I greeted him with the legendary phrase "Hail, Lord Maddox. King of Gods and Men." He was sporting his usual crown and robe outfit. He's much nicer in real life than you'd think. He says "Yeah, people keep telling me that. It's just to get your guard down, and then I'll punch you in the dick." So yeah, it was definitely Maddox. :)

After a quick discussion and a handshake, I wandered around to see what was there before exploding.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which includes Steve Purcell and Telltale Games!

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