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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic-Con Adventures - Episode 1

The Telltale Games Experience

Comic-Con 2008!

On Saturday, I attended Comic-Con. My travel arrangements felt a bit like the old Steve Martin movie "Planes, Trains & Automobiles," except that there were thankfully no planes involved. My parents drove me as far as Fullerton. From there, I caught a 7:50 AM train to Downtown San Diego. Following that, I boarded a light rail bound for Convention Center Station. It was surprisingly easy to get my badge. Allen scared me with his horror story from last year's Comic-Con.

On route to the Attendee Pre-Registration area to pick up my badge.

After I picked up my badge and goodie bag, I headed downstairs to the Exhibit Hall to meet up with Allen at the Telltale Games booth. I was greeted by Jake Rodkin, Telltale Games' Web Designer. We chatted for awhile, and then Allen introduced me to Chuck Jordan, who worked on such classics as Curse of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. He now works for Telltale Games. After checking the time, we realized that we should be making our way over to the Telltale Games panel in Room 4.

Jake Rodkin finishes up the Snake Boxer V box.

Sitting in at the Telltale Games panel was Steve Purcell, Chuck Jordan, Mike Stemmle, Mai Nguyen, and Mark Darin. On the far left, Emily Morganti supervised the presentation. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People was a highlight of the panel, but Sam & Max was also discussed. It was said that they may start "thinking" about Season Three as early as this week. There were inevitably questions about Monkey Island, but they were flatly denied. Telltale Games did say that "anything is possible," though.

The Telltale Games panel.

At the end of the panel, the world premiere trailer for Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures was shown. I wasn't allowed to film that, but as of Monday, it is available through Telltale Games' web site, anyway. After the crowds poured out, I was able to get a few close-up photos of Steve Purcell. Then, as I turned away just for a moment, he was gone. Awe, but Allen and I miraculously managed to catch up with him on our way back to the Telltale Games booth. He really is an awesome guy. He always has time to chat with his fans.

Steve Purcell chats with fans.

Back at the Telltale Games booth, Steve Purcell held a public signing. I had five whole things signed. I brought my copy of Surfin' the Highway, Epic Color Collection, The Animated Series, Hit the Road, and Season One. Allen had even more stuff signed than I did. Following the signing, I got a few more photos of Steve Purcell, the Telltale Games booth, and everything in-between. Now it was time to buy some stuff. I picked up Ode to the Stuff in the Sink, Max & Crossbones T-Shirt, and some other goodies.

The stuff that I got from the Telltale Games booth.

At this point, Allen and I decided to meet up with his dad, who had been attending the Lost panel. From there, we would cruise the rest of the convention center. We probably could have stayed at Telltale Games' booth all day, and never gotten bored, but there was still so much else to see. I never did have a chance to play Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, but if Nintendo gets off their butts, it should be out in early August.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Wii Owners (and PC owners, too)

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  1. All Comic-Con footage that I shot in 2008, condensed into 3 minutes. How many products can you spot? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD3rP01lASQ